When your team of instructors . . . and security providers

  • Holds 11 State licenses relating to security, training and firearm;
  • Includes the author of 3 security and firearm training books, one of which used by 45 State licensed agencies;
  • Operates one of only 28 Simunition Certified Civilian Training Center across 10 States;
  • Trained over 650 Certified Firearm Instructors from all branches of services and backgrounds;
  • Manages two shooting ranges, one of which includes tactical bays, a jungle course and the only civilian-accessible 360-degree ballistic shoothouse in a  300 miles radius;
  • Is comprised of
    • Florida State licensed Private Investigators
    • NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors
    • Certified Law Enforcement Firearm instructors
    • A Registered bodyguard since 1994
    • Martial Art instructors 
    • Combat veterans, one of which with two deployments in the Congo (October 1985 through March 1987 and July, August 1988) at a time when the Congo was chaos.

. . . You KNOW this is the right team to trust with your personal safety and training to handle where the world is going.

Learner Centered Methodology


“Knowing a topic or a discipline well and being able to teach them well are two different things, and they don’t come too often both in the same person.

Transferring technical skills is also a different process than teaching soft skills or general knowledge, especially when it comes to skills that will need to be effective under stress.

At Safe N Secure we understand all of that very well. We not-only provide you with subject matter experts, but also with professionally trained educators whose ego will never stand in the way of training and teaching you what you want to learn."

Bernard Martinage

Managing Partner

Safe N Secure

Safe N Secure Put its Money Where its Mouth Is

Training to Win

Experience, Assets, Track Record

Verifiable References

What is a valid reference? There are trainers out-there whith biographies that include statements like "Trained with the Anti-Terrorist . . ."  or "participated in a site survey for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction . . . ". That sounds really cool but generally is not verifiable because conveniently "Classified" or "Dissolved" or other story.

Even if it was true? What does "survey of non-proliferation of weapon of mass destructions" have to do with teaching you what you need to defend yourself? Nothing.   

What matters to you should be:

  • Does this person have credentials relevant to what I need to learn?
  • Does this person have a track record  that I can verify outside the circle of his friends.
  • Does this person have a training facility equipped to provide the level of training I require, or does he work out of his backyard or other's.
  • Does this person has the advanced equipment that will be necessary to help me progress through the stages of firearm training safely?
  • Does this person care enough about his/her student to flex training to accommodate my specific needs?

At Safe N Secure we have made a significant investment in necessary alternative training guns to allow you to progress from Basic to intermediate to advanced to team shooting, safely while increasing training pressure to the level that fits you. That means:

  • Visible and invisible Laser Training Pistols and reactive targets. Generally used to work out complex mechanics of gun handling by removing recoil and other distracting effects.
  • UTM converted guns. Generally used for practicing with techniques in an environment that requires less-than-lethal, non-toxic ammunition, yet require full gun operations and functions for power and accuracy.
  • Simunition guns and cartridges. They are used for Reality based force-on-force scenario in which students get to experience defending themselves against targets that shoot back.

All of these tools are generally reserved for the training of Law Enforcement and military agencies special response teams. That is why Safe N Secure students will out-perform any students of any other local trainers because of the benefits of our hard-to-find reality-based training.

Our class gun inventory exceeds 50 guns, including rare guns, to ensure that you are exposed to a diversity of firearms and are equipped with the gun(s) that fits you best to succeed.

We operate two shooting ranges, and they are no backyard ranges:

Our basic training range located on Amelia Island

Our tactical shooting range located 45 minutes into Georgia  is a dedicated range equipped with

  • two tactical bays;
  • A two-mile long jungle training course that takes you across a river in a variety of amphibious options;
  • A 1,200 Square feet 360-Degree ballistic shoothouse that allows for day and night training.
  • Classroom and comfortable amenities.