Employment With Safe N Secure

We are looking for individuals with the personal qualities required to deal with the public in a very positive manner, yet firm enough to enforce property rules and sometimes covenants. Good personality and quality of the individual are our priorities.


  • Minimum of 10 years US-licensed driving experience (if you got your learner permit at 15, you are eligible for the job when you turn 25);
  • Clean driving record (no DUI within the last 6 (six) years and no drivers license suspension within the last 3 (three) years); 
  • For day shifts you must live on Amelia or 5 min from bridge;
  • Must be computer literate. All our reports are done online.
  • Must speak English fluently. Safe N Secure is a Speak-English-Only employer, in compliance with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) “Speak-English Only” rule.
  • Must be in physical condition sufficient to comfortably handle walking patrol.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Valid D License (if you do not have a license we have the licensing to give you the training you need to be licensed, through private classes on your own time). 
  • Having your own gear (duty belt and tools)
  • G License
  • Smart phone or phone with email capability
  • If you are willing to do remote monitoring and, once in a while, be “On Call” it will be helpful.

If you have a G license and want to carry, you will undergo qualification and training every 3 months. Safe N Secure operates two shooting ranges, including one with tactical bays and a 360-degree shoothouse. This is where you will qualify. We also are K instructors, licensed private investigator and NRA Training Counselors, giving you the opportunity to earn credentials and self-develop.

Overall Duty
Provide private security patrol, vehicular and on-foot, on Amelia island to private residences, subdivisions, and commercial properties.

  • You will be trusted with top of the line equipment, including handheld night-vision thermo-imaging (FLIR) for night shift.
  • For your safety and liability protection you will wear a body-camera, and all vehicles are quipped with dash-cameras.

We do not do retail, bars, clubs, or any establishment selling alcohol for onsite consumption. While we may make an exception once in a while, it is not the business we seek.

Hours and pay

  • Year-long position
  • $11 to​ 15:hr. 5hrs, 2 nights a week, starting with shifts starting at 2200hrs tand ending at 0300hrs. 
  • Position will grow to 5 nights/week.
  • From May to August the position will also include day hours.
  • Once establish the position will include a patrol car so you can respond directly to calls from home. We have no issues with you using the car for personal needs as long as you remain on the island and treat the car well, just as police officers take their cruisers home.
  • There will be weekend work and also for holiday or special events such the Florida/Georgia weekend, 4th of July, New Years Eve, etc.
  • We offer AFLAC but we do not currently contribute.

As the company grows our intent is to build from within and also add benefits in order to retain talent.

If you feel that this job is for you, email your resume with a copy of your D license and G license if you have one, with a brief cover letter to Bernardm@MySafeNsecure.com

Thank you for your interest.