“It Can Happen Anywhere,

and It Has.” 

Reality Check

S.T.O.P. (Scenario Training & Operational Planning) For Business

How would your employees react to one or more attackers entering your establishment brandishing guns? As terrifying as it is to think about, the senselessness of terrorist acts today forces us to confront this very real possibility.

One thing is for sure. The faster an attack is neutralized, the less its impact. Research from Ohio’s Ron Borsch shows that about 70% of the time attackers have been stopped by a person at the scene, while only roughly 30% are stopped by law enforcement. So having a plan for your staff can minimize an attack’s effectiveness. Some people are afraid of guns, while others may be excited to learn something new. Either way, the reality is that readiness trumps unprepared every time.

That is why Safe N Secure offers the S.T.O.P. program for businesses.  Safe N Secure is one of only 28 companies certified in to utilize "Force-On-Force" scenarios using Simunition® Converted Guns and non-lethal ammunition in the 10 Southeast States. Employees are forced to make decisions to defend themselves against an armed attacker, who is played by a professional role-player. These are not toy guns, airsoft or other gaming tools, e.g. Paintball. These are specialized guns/ammunition used for scenario-based training using real firearms with less-than-lethal projectiles that provide complete realism of the firearm experience, including accuracy, recoil and manipulations.

Analysis of the scenario’s initial outcome is provided by the Instructors and a customized plan created that takes into consideration your location and employees’ skills.  Scenarios are re-run in order to practice. The Safe N Secure S.T.O.P. program prepares participants for effective future behavior to nearly the same degree as if it had been an actual situation.

​Most people know what to do if a fire alarm goes off.  Not as many know how to react if they are being attacked. Safe N Secure S.T.O.P. program gives your business an edge over violence.