If all Nassau County roadways were placed end-to-end, it would stretch all the way from Yulee to New Jersey. That is simple too large an area to secure for a small town police department, even with the assistance of the County Sheriff Department. It is simply not feasible for law enforcement to constantly monitor your business or place of worship. That is where Safe N Secure comes in.

Business Security

We have helped alleviate these common concerns for our clients:

  • UNAUTHORIZED VISITORS, e.g. business equipment or customer’s property being used by a third party during off hours;
  • CARELESSNESS AND ABUSE, e.g. doors left open when they should be locked;
  • THEFT AND VANDALISM, e.g. break-ins or damage to property, signage, vehicles or other company assets.
  • CREATE A PLAN OF ACTION, e.g. Church layouts and evacuation and defensive plan.

Safe N Secure is a better choice than an installed alarm system to deter problems before they occur and assist in defending innocent people if terrorism attacks. 

“Safe N Secure is my source for business and personal security needs.”  Edward Grissom


"As a Managing Member of Talton Enterprises I am tasked with maintaining security for 20 residential building. I have never been disappointed with Safe N Secure".