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If all Nassau County roadways were placed end-to-end, it would stretch all the way from Yulee to New Jersey. That is simple too large an area to secure for a small town police department, even with the assistance of the County Sheriff Department. It is simply not feasible for law enforcement to constantly monitor YOUR business. That is where Safe N Secure comes in.

We have helped alleviate these common concerns for our business clients:

  • UNAUTHORIZED VISITORS, e.g. business equipment or customer’s property being used by a third party during off hours;
  • CARELESSNESS AND ABUSE, e.g. doors left open when they should be locked;
  • THEFT AND VANDALISM, e.g. break-ins or damage to property, signage, vehicles or other company assets.

Safe N Secure is better equipped than an installed alarm system to deter problems before they occur.

“Safe N Secure is my source for business and personal security needs.” 


"As a Managing Member of Talton Enterprises I am tasked with maintaining security for 20 residential building. I have never been disappointed with Safe N Secure".  

Edward Grissom
Managing Member,

Fernandina Beach / Jacksonville

Business Security

“Safe N Secure is the place to go to with any security concerns.”  


He monitors and patrols our shop on a nightly basis and has averted many liability problems.  We've never been disappointed with his advice. To anyone who is seeking a safer environment, we recommend Safe N Secure."  

James & DeeDee Corbin
Corbins Automotive

Fernandina Beach