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$15 per pistol or $99 for 10 pistols you can spread across the year!

$89 GUN CLEANING LESSONS: Jacob offers 2-hour educational sessions in which he will teach you how to maintain your guns properly. These can be hosted at your house, or, at our classroom in Fernandina Beach. Fee includes all supplies, notebook and him cleaning the guns for you.

" There is a reason why Safe N Secure has made Jacob Jukkala its armorer to maintain and condition the dozens of guns we rely on for our security agency and the training we provide in our two classrooms and shooting ranges across two States. That reason is simple: He is reliable, effective, and we never had a gun that Jacob maintain fail. That is the ultimate goal, having full confidence in the gear we rely on for safety and protecting our customers."

Bernard Martinage


Safe N Secure


"Teaching someone how to clean and maintain their guns, or doing it for them is what I do and enjoy" 

Your pistol will be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned using top quality chemicals, lubricant. and expertise.

Every gun is different. Do you know that certain guns require special gun grease to be applied to specific location? A gun is an investment. Not only it will deteriorate and lose value if not properly maintained, but also it may not function the day you need it most. Just as you would get a car oil change, get your guns maintained by JJ.  

JJ Gun Services, cleans your guns but can also assist you learning about the guns you own, and even maintain your guns for you to ensure they always are in a working order.

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