Pistol Defensive Training

"My wife, my son and I all received defensive training through Mr. Martinage. He is extremely professional as well as detail oriented, safety always comes first when he is training anyone, whether they are a new or experienced. Personally, Mr. Martinage's candor and respectful demeanor allows him to assimilate easily with people both while performing his instructor duties and afterwards in a mentoring position. He takes safety and responsibility seriously and pursues his every endeavor with zeal and determination."   

Dale, Angela and Ryan Wood

Orange Park Resident 

Safe N Secure is specialized in bringing your Concealed Carry Permit training in the most conformable environment: Your home or office, or your Classroom / Meeting Room using safe, non-lethal, State-Recognized, Simunition cartridges. We can because we are one of only 28 Certified Training Agencies across the 10 States surrounding us.

There are many reasons why you may want to complete your training in your own home or privately. Due to a need of privacy so people do not know that you have a permit, or because you are a public figure, or because you have mobility issues or disabilities, Safe N Secure brings the training to you.

Our soft approach to shooting includes starting with laser guns and electronic targets and then, once you are comfortable, shoot non-lethal, quiet, cartridges at a target for qualification. ​Course includes certificate, conceal carry permit application, all guns and ammunition.


For many it is a difficult decision.


Because there is a lot more into protecting yourself than just buying a gun, Safe N Secure has organized a series of modules that you can either combine together, take one at a time, or combine with your initial class to acquire comfortably and at your pace the knowledge, skills and mindset of your preference or that your situation dictates.

The modules listed above can be delivered to you as private classes, or in small group, at your home or location of choice or at one of our classrooms in Georgia and Florida. You will benefit from professional, unbiased, experienced expert advice enriched with first-hand experience.

Should you get a carry permit?

GUN 101 and Permit (for 37 States)

Home Defense Training 

Flexible Add-On Modules ( $39 - $199 )


The world is not getting safer: More gangs, more unemployment, more uncertainty, ISIS in the US (over 2,000 enemy fighters in Florida alone according to the FBI) trickling violence in our lives as we saw in Orlando, and, a police force oftentimes stretched thin.

"Many people may not like guns, and may not believe in God, but if someone comes after them or their family, the first thing they'll do is call someone who has a gun, and then pray that they arrive fast enough."  Wayne LaPierre 

Having a permit is good even if you don't intend to carry a gun.

Get trained at home!

​"Fantastic learning experience and practical course!"