Our NRA-Training Counselors and SNS Defensive tactics at Safe N Secure have trained over 650 NRA Instructors, with an over 90% success rate. We have the ability to certify you, too!  We are available to train the following NRA courses:

  • Home Firearm Safety Instructor,
  • Pistol Instructor,
  • Shotgun Instructor,
  • Rifle Instructor,
  • Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor,
  • Personal protection Outside the Home Instructor,
  • Special Tactics Instructor,
  • KODIAK LPS Instructor,
  • Chief Range Safety credential,
  • Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor, and
  • Metallic Cartridge Reloading instructor.

Classes are small to ensure the highest level of attention per trainee. For those classes that require a range, Safe N Secure has availability to a private 3-GUN Tactical Range with 1,200sq. ft. 360° shoot-house.

Instructor certifications

firearms, Tactics, Self-Defense

Certified Courses