S.T.O.P. (Scenario Training & Operational Planning)

"This is the class. I highly recommend for anyone. After participating in the scenarios, I am better prepared for situations that can be life threatening or seriously injured.

This class is not a video with actors and a text book version but is based on current real life simulation with you (the student) as the participant. You will experience the adrenaline rush first hand in each scenario. You will react!! You will learn as you participate and review the simulations. You will be taught what you should do or did not do in each simulation. 

Bernard is very qualified and capable instructor who makes this class fun.


Judy Jones

Fernandina Beach

“Do you want to participate in real-life scenarios and learn how to save your life?

Reality-Based Training Experience

At Safe N Secure, we understand that security planning for your family can be scary and uncertain, especially with the rise of violence and terrorism in locations that, in the past, no one would have thought conceivable. Unfortunately, the world has changed and we need to adapt.

When Seconds Count…

Did you know that the average time for law enforcement to arrive after a 911 call is three to ten minutes, depending on your location and traffic? You could be fighting a bad situation by yourself for what may seem like forever before they arrive. What would you do during that time to defend yourself?

Waiting for law enforcement to respond to the scene and neutralize the threat is NOT a viable option. The purpose of the Safe N Secure S.T.O.P. program is not to replace the need for police, but to provide practical violence response training that you can use until help arrives. Reality-based, or scenario, training has been used by law enforcement agencies for decades. It is only logical that this type of training become the foundation of your protection plan, too.

Safe N Secure is one of only 28 companies certified in a 10-State region of the Southeast U.S. to use specialized non-lethal ammunition, called Simunition®, during its reality-based situational training. Safe N Secure S.T.O.P. program attendees can experience how they would react in ‘real-life’ situations without the possibility of injury. Realizing how their body and mind responds to danger, even if simulated, allows trainees to take steps to better prepare themselves for future stressful situations.

As with all our training, we stay focused on your ability to work the scenario and evaluate your personal fear level.  Our job is not to scare you, but to increase your survivability in dangerous situations. 

Reality-based  scenarios