"Bernard conducted the Refuse to be a Victim seminar for several members of the Amelia Island Club recently and captivated all of us. Bernard has a wealth of experience, from understanding the criminal mind, to sharing his own real life experiences as a Security expert and as a home owner. He demonstrated live how pick-pockets work in teams (what an eye opener) and how to foil them. He engaged the audience in sharing their own experiences and told us how every single situation is different. He highlighted how to evaluate the safest options for survival and minimized risk for an assortment of potentially harmful situations. Everyone who attended said they would be telling their friends and family members to enroll as soon as possible. You should too!"

Would you go skiing or snowboarding for the first time without any professional instruction? What about jumping into a pool’s deep end or hiking off into the wilderness?

While some people might do such things, the result could be serious injury or even death. The same applies to implementing a personal protection strategy. When an intruder or attacker strikes, the training you’ve received can save your life and the lives of others.

At Safe N Secure, we help you every step of the way. We will support you in the creation and implementation of a security plan and provide professional training designed to meet your vision of safety.

“You are Your Own First Responder.”


Bernard Martinage

Managing Partner, Safe N Secure


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